5th International Conference on Soft Computing, Control and Mathematics (SCM 2022)

December 17~ 18, 2022, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

Historical Dynamic Modeling (Simulation Experience)

Olegs Carkovs, dr. oec, Baltic Information Security Centre, Latvia


The present work "synchronizes" the achievements in various fields of natural science (mathematics, cybernetics, information theory, sociology, economics and history) to understand the modern picture of the world. The conceptual model proposed in the paper is simplified and serves to illustrate certain socioeconomic processes of the past and present. Undoubtedly, there is a "confirmation bias", since there is an element of subjectivism in every analysis. It can only be overcome by constructive criticism, not by ignoring facts, rejecting mathematical proofs and denying logical conclusions, for "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored" ( Aldous Huxley).


History, social-economic model, mathematical simulation, optimization, development, strategy, equilibrium, non-stability, bifurcation, chaos, attractor, closed and open systems, system’s theory, elite, society, community, sociology